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Welcome to TI-99/4A-Pedia (a community driven TI-99/4A Resource).

TI-99/4A Silver Version
I began this website on December 30, 2017 with the hope that it will become a usable resource to the TI-99/4A loving community throughout the world. I chose a Wiki format, so as to encourage others to help grow this website and lend assistance and general knowledge to those looking for it. If you are a former programmer for the TI-99/4A, I would love for you to create your own bio page on the wiki, or email your bio so I can post it, if that's your preference, so the world can get to know who you really are.

The TI-99/4A was the first computer I ever used. My parents purchased one around 1983 or 1984, and presented it to the family as a Christmas present that year. Although we used it mainly as a gaming console, we also used it to dabble with programming. We mostly typed verbatim, the programs from books like Compute!'s First Book of TI Games, and then recorded them onto cassette tapes.

Eventually, I would love to have pages describing TI-99/4A hardware (cassette tape, floppy disk, speech synthesizer, etc.), software (cartridges, basic programs, extended basic programs, disks, etc), emulation options, history, people associated with the TI-99/4A, advertisements, media, etc. Currently (as of 01/01/2018), there are only a few pages created with some media to download. I have provided a list below (see Car Wars page as it is the most complete currently, to see my vision for this website).

Current Pages