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Car Wars 1981 Solid State SofwareTM Command Module

The software cartridges used on the TI 99/4A are called Solid State SoftwareTM Command Modules. Many of the most popular programs for the TI 99-/4A were distributed using these cartridges (for example Parsec, Car Wars, TI Invaders, Hunt the Wumpus, The Attack, Tombstone City, Munch Man, etc). Unlike floppy disks, however; Solid State SoftwareTM Command Modules lack the ability to save program information.

Solid State SoftwareTM Command Modules were snapped into place in the provided slot on the top, right-hand side of the TI-99/4A. Most of the Solid State SoftwareTM Command Modules user manuals have the following instructions for inserting a command module cartridge into the computer (these instructions come from Addition and Subtraction 1. Some instructions, such as page numbers, will vary slightly in other manuals):

An automatic reset feature is built into the computer. When a module is inserted into the console, the computer returns to the master title screen. All data or program material you have entered will be erased.

Note: Be sure the module is free of static electricity before inserting it into the computer (see page 10).

Insert a Command Module.jpg
  1. Turn the computer ON, and wait for the master title screen to appear. Then slide the module into the slot on the console.
  2. Press any key and the MATHEMATICS COURSEWARE SERIES title screen appears. Next, the ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION 1 title sequence begins. You can press the ENTER key within two seconds after the title sequence begins to go on to the ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION 1 selection list, or you can wait for the title sequence to end and the list to appear automatically.

Note: To remove the module, first return the computer to the master title screen by pressing QUIT. Then remove the module from the slot. If you have any problem inserting the module, or if it is accidentally removed from the slot while in use, please see "In Case of Difficulty" on page 10.

Below find a fairly comprehensive list of Solid State SoftwareTM Command Modules which were produced for the TI-99/4A (if you are aware of any I missed, please let me know in the talk page of this article). Click the title name to go to that title's page. Click on the Publisher's name to learn more about it. The downloads section will give you the opportunity to download the complete user manual labelled "M" (in .pdf format), the MAME/MESS rom labelled "R"(.rpk format), and for games that require a floppy disk, "D" for disk (.dsk format).

Solid State SoftwareTM Command Modules List

Cartridge Title Publisher Year Part Number Cost Rarity Downloads
4A Flyer Triton 1986 (Q1) TRI-BDAF $19.95 Common M R
99 Home Sentry CorComp 1986 (Q1) QGAG $99.95 Very Rare R
Accounting Assistant Scott Foresman 1981 (Q4) SF 30429 $465.00 Very Rare M R
Activity Accountant Scott Foresman 1981 (Q4) SF 30428 $275.00 Very Rare M R
Addition Milliken 1982 (Q2) PHM 3090 $39.95 Unknown R
Addition and Subtraction 1 Scott Foresman 1981 (Q2) SF 30201 $54.95 Very Rare R
Addition and Subtraction 1 Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 (Q2) PHM 3027 $39.95 Common M R
Addition and Subtraction 2 Scott Foresman 1981 (Q2) SF 30204 $54.95 Very Rare R
Addition and Subtraction 2 Scott Foresman 1981 (Q2) PHM 3028 $39.95 Common M R
Addition and Subtraction 3 Scott Foresman 1984 (Q1 SF 30226 $22.95 Unknown R
Adventure Adventure International 1981 (Q4) PHM 3041 $49.95 Common M R
Alien Addition DLM 1983 (Q1) PHM 3115 $39.95 Common M R
Alligator Mix DLM 1983 (Q1) PHM 3114 $39.95 Uncommon M R
Alpiner Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 (Q4) PHM 3056 $39.95 Very Common M R
A-MAZE-ING Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 (Q1) PHM 3030 $24.95 Common M R
Ambulance Funware 1983 (Q2) FW 1005 $39.95 Rare M R
Angler Dangler Data East USA 1983 PHM 3167 $39.95 Never Released R
Ant Colony Funware 1983 99ERD11 N/A Never Released R
Anteater Romox 1983 (Q3) ROM02025 $44.95 Rare R
Arcturus Exceltec 1985 (Q1) STA 103 $54.95 Very Rare R
Astroblitz Funware 1983 N/A N/A Never Released
Astrochase Parker Brothers 1983 N/A N/A Never Released
Astro Fighter Data East USA 1983 N/A N/A Never Released R
Attendance Recorder Scott Foresman 1982 (Q4) SF 30420 $360.00 Very Rare R
Barrage Sofmachine 1983 TRI-BAAX Uncommon R
Battlestar Galactica Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 PHM 3124 Never Released
Battlezone Atarisoft 1983 RX 8546 Never Released
Beginning Grammar Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 PHM 3003 Common M R
Beyond Parsec DaTaBioTics 1988 TRI-BDAP Rare R
Bigfoot (MBX) Milton Bradley (MBX) 1983 PHM3151 Uncommon M R
Black Hole DaTaBioTics 1983 TRI-BABD Uncommon R
Blackjack & Poker Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 PHM 3033 Common M R
Blasto Milton Bradley 1981 PHM 3032 Very Common M R
Boxer DaTaBioTics 1989 TRI-2007 Very Rare R
Break Thru!! DaTaBioTics 1989 TRI-2006 Rare R
Buck Roger: Planet of Zoom Sega Enterprises 1983 PHM 3226] Rare M R
Burger Builder DaTaBioTics 1983 TRI-BAAY Uncommon R
BurgerTime Data East USA 1984 PHM 3233 Common M R
Cannonball Blitz Sierra On-Line 1984 ROM 06062 Very Rare R
Car Wars Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 PHM 3054 Very Common M R
Card Sharp Milton Bradley 1979 N/A Never Released R
Cave Creatures Funware 1983 ROM 08185 Very Rare R
Centipede Atarisoft 1983 RX8503 Uncommon M R
Championship Baseball (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 PHM 3148 Uncommon R
Championship Football (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 N/A Never Released
Championship Tennis (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 N/A Never Released
Changes Tigervision 1984 7-013-99 Never Released
Character Crayons Romox 1984 ROM 07025 Very Rare
Chicken Coop Navarone 1986 TRI-BAAH Uncommon R
Chisholm Trail Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3110 Very Common M R
Choplifter! Br0aderbund 1983 PHM 3159 Very Rare
Class Data Recorder Scott Foresman 1981 SF 30421 Very Rare R
Computer Math Games I Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 PHM 3084 Very Rare R
Computer Math Games II Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3083 Uncommon M R
Computer Math Games III Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 PHM 3085 Very Rare R
Computer Math Games IV Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 PHM 3086 Uncommon R
Computer Math Games VI Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3088 Unknown R
Computer War Thorn-EMI 1983 THA 32002 Uncommon R
Congo Bongo Sega Enterprises 1983 PHM 3227 Uncommon M R
Connect Four Milton Bradley 1980 PHM 3038 Very Common M R
Course Manager Scott Foresman 1981 SF 30448 Very Rare R
Crisis Mountain Funware 1983 N/A Never Released
Crossfire Sierra On-Line 1983 PHM 3207 Never Released R
DBM System v2.0 Navarone 1984 NAV114 Rare R
David's Midnight Magic Br0aderbund 1983 N/A Never Released
Decimals Milliken 1982 PHM 3096 Uncommon R
Decimals 1 Scott Foresman 1983 SF 30229 Unknown R
Decimals 2 Scott Foresman 1983 SF30244 Rare
Defender Atarisoft 1983 RX 8506 Very Common M R
Demolition Division DLM 1983 PHM 3116 Common M R
Demon Attack Imagic 1983 PHM 3219 Unknown M R
Demonstration Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 PHM 3001 Rare R
Diagnostic Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 PHM 3000 Very Rare R
Dig Dug Atarisoft 1982 RX8509 Rare M R
Disk Fixer v2.0 Navarone 1984 PHM 3019 Unknown R
Disk Manager Texas Instruments (TI) 1980 Unknown Uncommon R
Disk Manager 2 Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3089 Uncommon R
Disk Manager v3.0 Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 Unknown Unknown R
Division Milliken 1982 PHM 3093 Uncommon R
Division 1 Scott Foresman 1982 SF30210 Very Rare M R
Donkey Kong Atarisoft 1983 RX8512 Uncommon M R
Dragon Mix DLM 1982 PHM 3117 Common M R
Dragonflyer DaTaBioTics 1988 TRI-BAAW Rare
Driving Demon Funware 1983 FW1008 Very Rare R
D-Station DaTaBioTics 1988 Unknown Very Rare R
D-Station II DaTaBioTics 1988 Unknown Rare R
Dunjeonlord Futuresoft 1983 N/A Never Released
Early Learning Fun Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3002 Very Common M R
Early Logo Learning Fun Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3144 Uncommon R
Early Reading Scott Foresman 1980 PHM 3015 Uncommon M R
Editor/Assembler Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 PHM 3055 Common R
Edu-Pack Asgard 1990 ASGEDO1B Very Rare R
Escape! Cydex 1984 TRI-2005 Very Rare R
Espial Tigervision 1984 7-012-99 Very Rare R
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 PHM 3125 Never Released
Extended Basic II Plus Mechatronic 1985 Mechatronic Unknown R
Extended Basic v1.00 Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3026 Uncommon R
Face Chase Exceltec 1985 STA-110 Rare R
Facemaker Spinnaker 1983 PHM 3177 Uncommon M R
Fantasy SNK Electronics 1983 N/A Never Released R
Fathom Imagic 1983 PHM 3222 Uncommon R
Football Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 PHM 3009 Common M R
Fractional Numbers Milliken 1982 PHM 3095 Uncommon R
Fractions 1 Scott Foresman 1982 SF30220 Uncommon R
Fractions 2 Scott Foresman 1983 SF30238 Unknown M R
Frog Jump Scott Foresman 1982 SF31177 Uncommon R
Frog Stickers Navarone 1986 TRI-BAAG Rare R
Frogger Parker Brothers 1984 PB1610 Uncommon R
Fun With Music Epyx 1983 N/A Never Released
Galactic Barrier Funawre 1983 N/A Never Released
Galaxian Sega 1979 N/A Never Released
Gamevision Demonstration Module Milton Bradley 1979 N/A Never Released R
Gateway to Apshai Epyx 1983 N/A Never Released
Germ Patrol Texas Instruments (TI) 1984 Unknown Very Rare R
Green Muck (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 N/A Never Released
Hangman Milton Bradley 1981 PHM 3037 Common M R
Hen Pecked Romox 1983 99ERD12 Rare R
Henhouse Funware 1983 FW1001 Rare R
Herbie Rides Again Walt Disney 1984 N/A Never Released
Home Financial Decisions Texas Instruments (TI) 1978 PHM 3006 Very Common M R
Home Helper Plus Navarone 1984 AS-04 Rare R
Honey Hunt (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 PHM 3156 Common M R
Hopper Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 PHM 3229 Common M R
Household Budget Management Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 PHM 3007 Very Common M R
Hunt the Wumpus Texas Instruments (TI) 1980 PHM 3023 Very Common M R
Hustle Texas Instruments (TI) 1980 PHM 3034 Very Common M R
I'm Hiding (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 PHM 3155 Common R
Individual Accounting Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3066 Very Rare
Indoor Soccer Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 PHM 3024 Common R
Integers Milliken 1982 PHM 3094 Common R
Jawbreaker II Sierra On-Line 1983 PHM 3194 Very Common M R
Joust Atarisoft 1984 RX8525 Very Rare
Jumpan Junior Epyx 1983 148-436 Never Released
Jumpy DaTaBioTics 1983 TRI-BAAZ Rare R
Jungle Hunt Atarisoft 1982 RX8528 Uncommon R
Junkman Junior DaTaBioTics 1984 TRI-BAAM Uncommon R
Key to Spanish Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 PHM 3126 Unknown R
Keystone Kapers Activision 1983 N/A Never Released
Killer Caterpillar Norton Soft 1984 TRI-GBAA Very Rare
King of the Castle Navarone 1986 TEN42067 Rare R
Lasso SNK Electronics 1983 N/A Never Released R
Laws of Arithmetic Milliken 1982 PHM 3099 Uncommon R
Link v0.99 Asgard 1992 ASG-U09 Very Rare R
Lobster Bay Funware 1983 N/A Never Released R
Lode Runner Br0aderbund 1983 N/A Never Released
Love Tennis Exceltec 1985 Unknown Rare
Lunar Outpost Epyx 1983 N/A Never Released
M*A*S*H 20th Century 1983 PHM 3158 Common M R
Mail Drop (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 N/A Never Released
Mancala DaTaBioTics 1983 TRI-2002 Rare
Measurement Formulas Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3101 Common R
Meteor Belt (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 PHM 3152 Common R
Meteor Multiplication Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM3119 Common M R
Micro Pinball DaTaBioTics 1984 TRI-BADE Uncommon R
Micro Tennis DaTaBioTics 1983 TRI-BDAQ Uncommon
Microsoft Multiplan Microsoft 1981 PHM 3113 Uncommon R
Microsurgeon Imagic 1983 PHM3220 Common M R
Midnite Mason DaTaBioTics 1982 TRI-BADF Rare R
Milton Bradley Gamevision Milton Bradley 1979 MB 4964 Rare R
Mind Challengers Texas Instruments (TI) 1980 PHM 3025 Common R
Miner 2049er Tigervision 1983 7-009-99 Rare R
Mini Memory Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 PHM 3058 Uncommon R
Miniwriter II+ DaTaBioTics 1986 TRI-BJBZ Rare R
Miniwriter III+ DaTaBioTics 1986 TRI-BJBY Rare
Minus Mission Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3118 Very Common M R
Mists of Venus Futuresoft 1983 N/A Never Released
Moonmine Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 PHM 3131 Uncommon M R
Moon Patrol Atarisoft 1982 RX8531 Uncommon R
Moonsweeper Imagic 1983 PHM 3224 Uncommon R
Mouse Attack Sierra On-Line 1983 PHM 3208 Never Released R
Ms. Pac-Man Atarisoft 1983 RX8543 Rare R
Multiplication Milliken 1982 PHM 3092 Very Rare R
Multiplication 1 Scott Foresman 1981 SF 30207 Very Rare R
Multiplication 1 Scott Foresman 1981 PHM 3029 Very Common R
Multiplication 2 Scott Foresman 1983 SF 30223 Very Rare
Munch Man Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3057 Very Common M R
Munchman II John Phillips 1987 TRI-BDAG Very Rare R
Munchmobile SNK Electronics 1983 PHM 3146 Common M R
Music Maker Texas Instruments (TI) 1980 PHM 3020 Uncommon M R
Myarc Extended Basic II Myrac 1985 N/A Extremely Rare
Nam Futuresoft 1983 N/A Never Released
Navarone DBMS Nararone 1984 N/A Never Released
Number Bowling Scott Foresman 1983 SF 31189 Rare R
Number Bowling/Space Journey Scott Foresman 1983 SF 30306 Very Rare
Number Magic Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 PHM 3004 Common M R
Number Readiness Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3098 Uncommon
Numeration 1 Scott Foresman 1983 PHM 3050 Very Rare R
Numeration 2 Scott Foresman 1983 SF 30216 Very Rare M R
Numeration 2 Scott Foresman 1983 PHM 3051 Very Rare R
Othello CBS Video 1982 PHM 3067 Common M R
Pac-Man Atarisoft 1983 RX8500 Rare R
Paint 'n' Print Navarone 1985 TRI-BACA Very Rare R
Paint 'n' Print Navarone 1986 TRI-BACD Very Rare R
Paint 'n' Print Navarone 1986 TRI-BACE Very Rare R
Paraprint DaTaBioTics 1986 TRI_WABV Very Rare
Parsec Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3112 Very Common M R
Payroll Assistant Scott Foresman 1982 SF 30426 Very Rare R
Percents Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3097 Uncommon
Peripheral Diagnostic Module CorComp 1986 TRI-YKAL Very Rare R
Personal Real Estate Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 PHM 3022 Very Common R
Personal Record Keeping Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 PHM 3013 Very Common R
Personal Report Generator Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3044 Very Common R
Personal Data Recorder Scott Foresman 1981 SF 30427 Very Rare
Peter Pan Space Odyssey Walt Disney 1984 PHM 3132 Never Released R
Physical Fitness Texas Instruments (TI) 1978 PHM 3010 Very Common R
Picnic Paranoia Atarisoft 1984 RX8517 Very Common M R
Picture Parts Scott Foresman 1983 SF 31180 Uncommon R
Pinocchio's Great Escape Walt Disney 1984 PHM 3135 Never Released R
PIO Plus Printer Interface CorComp 1988 TRI-YKAW Very Rare
Pipes Funware 1983 FW100? Never Released
Pitstop Epyx 1983 N/A Never Released
Plant Genetics Texas Instruments (TI) N/A N/A Never Released R
Plato Interpreter Control Data 1983 PHM 3122 Very Rare R
Pole Position Atarisoft 1983 RX8534 Uncommon R
Popeye Parker Brothers 1984 PB1650 Rare R
Princess and the Frog Romox 1982 99ERD12 Rare R
Pro-Typer DaTaBioTics 1987 TRI_BABG Very Rare R
Program Manager 6000+ Pilgrims Pride 1986 N/A N/A
Property Manager Scott Foresman 1981 SF 30431 Very Rare
Protector II Atariosft 1983 RX8516 Common R
Pyramid Puzzler Scott Foresman 1983 SF 31186 Very Rare R
Pyramid Puzzler/Star Maze Scott Foresman 1983 SF 30304 Very Rare
Q*bert Parker Brothers 1984 PB1620 Rare M R
QMaze DaTaBioTics 1988 TRI-BAAZ Very Rare
Qubic Sunware N/A STA 104 Never Released
Rabbit Trail Funware 1983 FW1004 Very Rare R
Rat Hotel Funware 1983 N/A Never Released
Reading Adventures Scott Foresman 1983 SF 30117 Rare R
Reading Cheers Scott Foresman 1983 SF 30115 Rare R
Reading Flight Scott Foresman 1982 PHM 3082 / SF 30122 Rare R
Reading Fun Scott Foresman 1982 PHM 3043 / SF 30114 Rare M R
Reading On Scott Foresman 1982 SF 30116 / PHM 3046 Rare M R
Reading Powers Scott Foresman 1982 SF 30121 Very Rare R
Reading Rainbows Scott Foresman 1982 SF 30113 Very Rare R
Reading Rally Scott Foresman 1982 SF 30120 / PHM 3048 Rare M R
Reading Roundup Scott Foresman 1982 SF 30118 / PHM 3047 Very Rare R
Reading Trail Scott Foresman 1982 SF 30119 Very Rare R
Reading Wonders Scott Foresman 1982 SF 30123 Very Rare R
Red Baron Flight Simulator DaTaBioTics 1988 TRI-BADH Very Rare
Return to Pirate's Isle Scott Adams 1984 PHM 3189 Rare M R
River Rescue Thorn-EMI 1983 N/A Never Released R
Robotron: 2084 Atarisoft 1983 RX 8519 Very Rare R
Rotor Raiders Romox 1984 ROM6025 Very Rare R
Salary Planner Scott Foresman 1981 SF 30430 Very Rare R
Schachmeister Texas Instruments (TI) N/A PHM 3008 Unknown
Schnoz-Ola Funware 1983 PP871206 Very Rare R
Scrabble Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 Unknown Never Released
Scraper Caper Tigervision 1984 7-010-99 Never Released
Scholastic Spelling-Level 3 Scholastic Inc. 1982 PHM 3059 Very Rare R
Scholastic Spelling-Level 4 Scholastic Inc. 1982 PHM 3060 Very Rare R
Scholastic Spelling-Level 5 Scholastic Inc. 1982 PHM 3061 Very Rare R
Scholastic Spelling-Level 6 Scholastic Inc. 1982 PHM 3062 Very Rare R
School Mailer Scott Foresman 1981 SF 30423 Very Rare R
Search Master Sunware 1985 STA 102 Very Rare
Securities Analysis Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 PHM 3012 Uncommon R
Sewermania (MBX) Milton Bradley 1984 PHM 3150 Very Rare R
Shamus Atarisoft 1983 RX 8518 Common R
Slymoids Texas Instruments (TI) 1984 PHM 3197 Uncommon R
SMU Electronic Engineering Library Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 PHM 3045 Very Rare R
Sneggit Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 PHM 3145 Common M R
Soccer-Hallenfutball Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 PHM 3024 Very Rare R
Sorgan II DaTaBioTics 1988 TRI-BDAU Very Rare R
Soundtrack Trolley (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 PHM 3157 Very Rare R
Space Bandits (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 PHM 3149 Rare R
Space Chase Exceltec 1985 N/A Never Released
Space Journey Scott Foresman 1983 SF 31192 Very Rare R
Space Patreol Exceltec 1985 STA 105 Very Rare R
Speech Editor Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 PHM 3011 Very Rare R
Speed Reader Adult Navarone 1984 TRI-BABB Very Rare R
Speed Reader Children Navarone 1984 TRI-BABA Very Rare R
Spot-Shot DaTaBioTics 1987 TRI-BAAW Very Rare
Springer Tigervision 1983 7-006-99 Never Released R
Spy's Demise DaTaBioTics 1987 TRI-BABC Very Rare R
St. Nick Funware 1983 FW 1009 Very Rare R
Star Gazer I John Phillips 1984 TRI-BBBA Very Rare R
Star Gazer II John Phillips 1984 TRI-BBBB Very Rare R
Star Gazer III John Phillips 1984 TRI-BBBC Very Rare R
Star Gazer I, II, III John Phillips 1984 TRI-BABF Very Rare
Stargate Atarisoft 1983 RX 8522 Never Released
Star Maze Scott Foresman 1983 SF 31182 Very Rare R
Star Runner DaTaBioTics 1987 TRI-BAAP Very Rare R
Star Trap Excletec 1985 Unknown Very Rare
Star Trek Sega Enterprises 1983 PHM 3225 Common M R
Statistics Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 PHM 3014 Rare R
Star Wars Exceltec 1984 Unknown Never Released R
Star Wars ROTJ: Death Star Battle Parker Brothers 1984 Unknown Never Released
Starship Pegasus Milton Bradley 1983 Unknown Never Released R
Story Machine Spinnaker 1983 PHM 3178 Rare R
Strike Three! Triton 1988 TRI-BADJ Rare R
Submarine Battle Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 Unknown Extremely Rare R
Submarine Commander Thoen-EMI 1983 TE8-416 Never Released R
Super Cobra Parker Brothers 1984 Unknown Never Released
Super Crush Tigervision 1984 7-015-99 Never Released
Super Demon Attack Imagic 1983 PHM 3219 Common M R
Super Duper Navarone 1984 TRI-BAAA Rare R
Super Extended Basic Triton 1987 BDAK Rare R
Super Fly (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 PHM 3153 Common R
Super Storm Atarisoft 1983 RX 8515 Never Released R
Survivor Synapse 1983 Unknown Never Released
SWAT Rescue Epyx 1983 Unknown Never Released
Tac/Scan Sega Enterprises 1983 Unknown Never Released
Tafara Texas Instruments (TI) N/A Unknown Released
Tapper Sega Enterprises 1984 Unknown Never Released
Tax Investment Record Keeping Texas Instruments (TI) 1980 PHM 3016 Common R
Terminal Emulator I Texas Instruments (TI) 1980 PHM 3017 Very Rare R
Terminal Emulator II Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 PHM 3035 Common R
Tennis Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 N/A N/A Never Released
Terry Turtle's Adventure Milton Bradley 1983 (4Q) MB 4358 $59.95 Uncommon R
Terry Turtle's Adventure (MBX) Milton Bradley 1983 (4Q) PHM 3154 $59.95 Uncommon R
Test Scorer Scott Foresman 1981 (4Q) SF 30422 $275.00 Very Rare
Test Trainer Texas Instruments (TI) 1980 PHM 3065 Unknown Very Rare
The Attack Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 (1Q) PHM 3031 $39.95 Very Common M R
The Pharoh's Curse Synapse 1983 Unknown N/A Never Releasaed
The Great Word Race Exceltec 1985 (1Q) EXC-GWR $29.95 Very Rare
The Great Word Race Triton 1987 (3Q) TRI-BDAL $22.95 Very Rare
The Real TI/IBM Connection CorComp 1987 (3Q) TEN68452 $59.95 Very Rare
TI Calc Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 (4Q) PHM 3213 $49.95 Extremely Rare R
TI Invaders Texas Instruments (TI) 1981(4Q) PHM 3053 $39.95 Very Common M R
TI Logo Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 (2Q) PHM 3040 $199.00 Rare R
TI Logo II Texas Instruments (TI) 1984 (4Q) PHM 3109 $129.95 Uncommon R
TI Planner DaTaBioTics 1987 (3Q) TRI-BJBS $29.95 Uncommon R
TI Planner Plus DaTaBioTics 1987 (3Q) TEN73527 $49.95 Uncommon R
TI Workshop DaTaBioTics 1987 (3Q) TRI-BAAV $49.95 Uncommon R
TI Toad DaTaBioTics 1982 (2Q) TRI-BADG $19.95 Uncommon R
TI Writer Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 (3Q) PHM 3111 $99.95 Uncommon R
Tile Breaker Exceltec 1985 (1Q) Unknown $29.95 Rare R
Tombstone City: 21st Century Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 (4Q) PHM 3052 $39.95 Very Common R
Topper Romox 1983 (3Q) TEN20215 $39.95 Rare R
Topper Navarone 1986 (1Q) TRI-BAAF $14.95 Rare R
Touch Typing Tutor Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 (2Q) PHM 3064 $39.95 Uncommon M R
Trashman Funware 1983 Unknown N/A Never Released
Treasure Island Data East USA 1984 (1Q) PHM 3168 $29.95 Uncommon R
Tris Asgard 1989 (3Q) ASG-E01a $24.95 Very Rare
Tris-2 Asgard 1993 (3Q) TRI-2149 $19.95 Very Rare R
Tunnels of Doom Texas Instruments (TI) 1982 (2Q) PHM 3042 $59.95 Common M R D
Tutankham Parker Brothers 1984 (1Q) Unknown N/A Extremely Rare R
Typewriter 99 Asgard 1989 (1Q) ASG-P18B $24.95 Extremely Rare R
Typo Romox 1983 (3Q) TI 103 $39.95 Extremely Rare R
Typo II Romox 1983 (4Q) ROM 04025 $39.95 Extremely Rare R
Typo-Man Navarone 1987 (2Q) TRI-BAAQ $14.95 Extremely Rare R
Vanguard Atarisoft 1984 RX 8549 N/A Never Released
Verb Viper DLM 1982 PHM 3120 N/A Unknown R
Video Chess Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 (2Q) PHM 3008 $69.95 Uncommon M R
Video Games 1 Texas Instruments (TI) 1980 (2Q) PHM 3018 $29.95 Common R
Video Graphs Texas Instruments (TI) 1979 (2Q) PHM 3005 $19.95 Common M R
Video Vegas Funware 1983 (3Q) FW 1002 $29.95 Rare R
Video Vegas Romox 1983 (4Q) ROM 02185 $24.95 Rare R
Von Drakes Molecular Mission Walt Disney 1984 Unknown N/A Never Released R
Vortex (3D with glasses) Spectravideo 1983 Unknown N/A Never Released
War Games Thorn-EMI 1983 THA 32002 N/A Never Released
Weight Control and Nutrition Texas Instruments (TI) 1981 (1Q) PHM 3021 $59.95 Uncommon R
Wheel of Fortune Triton N/A Unknown N/A Never Released
Whiz Kid Romox 1983 TI 105 N/A Never Released
Wing War Imagic 1983 PHM 3223 N/A Never Released R
Winnie the Pooh Walt Disney 1984 Unknown N/A Never Released
Word Invasion DLM/Texas Instruments (TI) 1983 (4Q PHM 3169 $39.95 Rare R
Word Radar DLM/Texas Instruments (TI) 1983](4Q) PHM 3185 $39.95 Uncommon R
Wordmaster DaTaBioTics 1984 (4Q) Unverified $39.95 Unverified
Wordmaster II DaTaBioTics 1984 (4Q) Unverified N/A Unverified
Wordwriter DaTaBioTics 1987 (2Q) TRI-BJBW $39.95 Very Rare
Wordwriter Xtra DaTaBioTics 1988 (3Q) TRI-BDAV $34.95 Very Rare
Wordwriter+ DaTaBioTics 1987 (2Q) TRI-BJBV $69.95 Very Rare
Wordwriter+ DaTaBioTics 1988 (3Q) TRI-BDAW $59.95 Very Rare
X-10 Powerhouse System CorComp 1986 (2Q) TRI-QCAG $69.95 Very Rare
XB3 Super Module Asgard 1993 (2Q) Unknown $99.95 Very Rare
Yahtzee Milton Bradley/Texas Instruments (TI) 1980 (2Q) PHM 3039 $29.95 Uncommon M R
Yahtzee Gamevision Milton Bradley 1979 (3Q) MB 4967 $24.95 Rare R
Zaxxon Datasoft 1983 Unknown N/A Never Released
ZeroZap Milton Bradley/Texas Instruments (TI) 1980 (2Q) PHM 3036 $29.95 Common M R
ZeroZap Gamevision Milton Bradley 1979 (3Q) MB 4964 $24.95 Uncommon M R

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